Plastering (Joint pulling)

The advantages of plaster

High resistance

Good-quality plaster protects the structure from damage. For example, it is shock-resistant. In fact, it's often used in high-traffic areas such as public buildings. It is also highly resistant to fire and heat. As for humidity, only excessive exposure is risky. That's why it's advisable to cover it with a waterproof coating in damp areas. That is, in the kitchen or bathroom.

Highly practical

Plaster is applied wet. This makes it easier to apply to hard-to-reach areas such as wall corners. It also limits the amount of dirt on the ground. There's no need to cut the material to fit the surface. What's more, you don't need to sand it anymore because it's already smooth.

Unbeatable flexibility

Plaster is a particularly flexible material. It can then be molded into any shape. In other words, it's the material of choice for creating a unique architectural design. What's more, the result is exceptional when applied by a professional.

Good acoustic insulation

Gypsum generally offers good acoustic insulation. In fact, this material is particularly popular for theater and studio construction. It is also applied directly to the surface. This avoids the formation of air layers for better sound quality. It is also a good thermal insulator.

Plaster maintenance

Good maintenance guarantees the durability of plaster, especially if it is unpainted. To do this, simply clean the surface with a soft brush.

This removes dust and dirt. Washing with soapy water is also an option, if necessary.

However, be sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Also, make sure the surface dries quickly. As mentioned above, excessive exposure to moisture can damage the material.

Hire an expert to plaster your building.

Preparing a plaster cast requires a great deal of technique. As is its application. It is therefore strongly recommended to entrust the job to a professional. He has the knowledge and skills required to carry out the work to the highest standards.

This also guarantees a satisfactory result that lives up to your expectations. However, be sure to choose a qualified and experienced professional. At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we know how to satisfy you.

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