Acrylic coating in Trois-Rivières

Acrylic coating in Trois-Rivières

The unique properties of acrylic coating make it a highly appreciated choice. Its composition gives it superior waterproofing compared to other plasters. It offers reliable protection against the vagaries of the weather. In addition to this protective function, it adds an aesthetic dimension by embellishing the surfaces to which it is applied.

Characteristics of acrylic coating

Its remarkable resistance to temperature variations makes it an ideal choice for building insulation. In fact, it has an extraordinary ability to adapt to climatic conditions. It therefore effectively protects the integrity of building walls.

It is also a flexible material. It prevents cracking and spalling of concrete foundations. This increases the longevity of the surfaces it protects.

What’s more, acrylic coating is a material that resists both heat and low temperatures. This property makes it perfectly suited to the different seasons we experience in Trois-Rivières. The fact that it acts as a thermal insulator makes it energy-efficient. In fact, a rendered house benefits from better long-term energy savings.

The use of acrylic coating

This versatile coating can be applied both inside and outside buildings. It is mainly used on foundation walls and facades for reinforcement. It prevents premature wear and adds an aesthetic touch.

However, its use extends far beyond facades and foundation walls. It is also used to cover concrete staircases and steps. Here too, its protective properties combined with its aesthetic appeal are its strong points.

Concrete isn’t the only surface where acrylic coating can be applied. It is suitable for many other substrates. These include plaster, stucco, brick and gypsum walls. In addition to protecting these materials, this coating will enhance the aesthetics of the surfaces.

Another strong point of this coating is its customizability. In fact, you can buy them in different color ranges. So it will fit in with any interior or exterior decorative style.

How do I maintain acrylic flooring?

When cleaning an acrylic-coated wall, start at the bottom. This prevents dirty water from seeping into the flooring. Pressure washing is not recommended. This could damage the plaster.

For proper cleaning, start by saturating the wall with water. This will loosen accumulated dirt. Use a soft brush to remove stubborn stains. Detergents are generally not required.

After cleaning, rinse the wall thoroughly with water to remove any remaining impurities. Dirt is generally easily removed from the plaster. That’s why it’s so easy to maintain, both indoors and out.

Your contact for acrylic coating in Trois-Rivières

Applying acrylic plaster to the interior and exterior walls of a building requires skill and dexterity. Do you live in Trois-Rivières and want to carry out this type of work on your house? At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we take care of your acrylic coating projects, using only Adex and Dryvit products.