Acrylic coating in Laval

Acrylic coating in Laval

Applying acrylic coating is a delicate operation, requiring expertise. In fact, strict rules must be observed to achieve an attractive, long-lasting finish. It’s also important to use quality products. That’s why we recommend that you call on a trusted professional for this type of job. At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we can help you if you’re in Laval!

Why choose us?

We’ve been offering our services as acrylic coating experts for over 30 years now. We know and master our business. That’s why we put qualified and competent professionals at your disposal. Always ready to listen, they will do their utmost to meet your expectations. They are also a good source of advice in times of need. Their main objective is to satisfy you with their know-how.

We also carefully select the brands of products we use. That’s why we use Dryvit and Adex acrylic coatings. These are leading brands in the sector. These brands are renowned in Quebec, and around the world, for the quality of their products.

What are the applications for acrylic plaster?

Acrylic plaster is mainly used on exterior walls. In fact, it’s a façade cladding. First and foremost, it evens out the surface before painting. It also protects against external aggression. It is resistant to weathering and mildew. Acrylic filler is also frequently used to fill cracks and holes. Finally, this material can be used as a connecting joint. This coating can also be applied to floors.

Why choose acrylic coating for your facade?

In addition to its high resistance, acrylic coating offers many other advantages. Let’s take stock.

Adopt acrylic coating for your property

It’s in your interest to choose acrylic coating for your facade. It is resistant, versatile, waterproof and insulating.

For our part, we offer our services for the application of the product. You can call on us for both residential and commercial projects.

We’ll do our best to satisfy you! What’s more, we’re committed to completing the work on time and on budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.