Acrylic coating on the South Shore/Longueuil

Acrylic coating is the first choice for exterior walls. Especially in a country like Canada, where the weather can be very capricious. But be careful! Only correct application guarantees a quality, aesthetic and long-lasting finish. At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we specialize in acrylic coatings in Quebec. We serve several cities in the province, including the South Shore and Longueuil.

What is acrylic coating and what are its applications?

In simple terms, acrylic coating is a façade cladding. However, it can also be applied to floors, stair treads and even interior walls. Its main purpose is to smooth and even the surface for easier painting. It also fills any holes or cracks in the structure. It also protects the substrate thanks to its high resistance to damage. Finally, some contractors also use this coating as a connecting joint.

Why choose acrylic coating?


Acrylic coating is above all resistant to severe weathering and biological aggression. This makes it ideal for exterior cladding in Quebec City. It is also particularly flexible. This limits the formation of cracks and makes it highly resistant to impact.


Acrylic coating is particularly waterproof. This makes it an interesting solution to infiltration problems. This is important, as humidity weakens the structure. It can also cause respiratory illnesses and trigger allergy attacks.

Insulating capacity

Acrylic coating provides excellent thermal insulation. Its presence helps maintain a pleasant indoor temperature all year round. This means you’ll use less heating and air conditioning. In the end, you’ll make considerable savings on your energy bills.


Acrylic plaster offers a vast palette of colors. So you can create a variety of unique styles to suit your tastes with this flooring. It is also compatible with many types of building materials. These include absorbent substrates, wood, concrete and brick.

Why entrust us with the application of acrylic plaster?

Firstly, we have over 30 years’ experience in the field. That’s why we have the skills you need to meet your expectations. What’s more, we put qualified and reliable professionals at your service, who will make your satisfaction their priority.

We also use exclusively Dryvit and Adex acrylic plasters. They are well known in the Quebec market for the quality and durability of their products.

Your acrylic coating provider on the South Shore and Longueuil

Don’t hesitate to call on us for acrylic coating on the South Shore and Longueuil. We’d be happy to put our skills into practice. We can help you with your residential and commercial projects. What’s more, we’re committed to delivering on time and on budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. You’ll find our contact details on our website.