Joint pulling and plastering in Trois-Rivières

Trois-Rivières is home to beautiful residential properties and commercial premises. These buildings require regular maintenance to preserve their aesthetic appeal. At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we offer joint pulling and plastering services in this city.

Specialist in plastering and acrylic coating

At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, our ambition is to embody excellence in the field of construction. We specialize in plastering and acrylic coating for the residential and commercial sectors in the province of Quebec. There are many reasons why customers should place their trust in us.

The company was founded in 1987 by Pierre Gosselin. It draws its strength from decades of experience and dedication. A native of the Beauce region, Mr. Gosselin has distinguished himself by his efficiency, his unrivalled expertise and, above all, by the quality of his customer service. These values have been successfully passed on to the next generation, embodied by his children Virginie and Vincent Gosselin. They took over the reins of the company in July 2020.

The stability and experience of our team of over 40 employees are proof of our reliability and professionalism. We also rely on the youth and stability of our employees. These two elements ensure solidarity and cohesion within our team.

We are also committed to fully satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations. This mission is underpinned by fundamental values. These include customer satisfaction, indisputable know-how, exemplary interpersonal skills and unrivalled team spirit.

The types of buildings we work on

We’ve been active in the plastering and acrylic plastering industry for many years. Our services cover both the residential and commercial sectors. We’ve built our reputation on a wide range of large-scale projects. We have a proven track record in meeting the specific needs of a wide range of building types.

In the residential sector, we have worked on a variety of single-family homes, from residential complexes to apartment buildings. Whether for new construction or renovation projects, our experienced team excels in the application of acrylic and plaster coatings. Our work encompasses durable protection and customized aesthetics for every structure.

In the commercial sector, we also work on various types of building. We provide services for shopping centers, industrial buildings, office buildings and institutional facilities. Our services also extend to schools, hospitals and sports complexes.

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Services tailored to customer needs

At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we offer flexible services to suit our customers’ budgets. We put all our expertise into every project, whatever the scale. You can be sure of the quality of the work we do in Trois-Rivières.