Joint pulling and plastering in Charlevoix

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Joint pulling

Joint pulling is an essential step after drywall installation. It's also known as drywall finishing. It consists in covering the joints between drywall or gypsum board. Paper or ribbon is common for this purpose. Nail and screw holes are also filled with special compounds. The aim of this process is to smooth the surface so that it can be painted.


Plastering is mainly used to smooth walls or ceilings before painting. It also fills any holes or cracks in the structure. The greatest advantage of plaster is that it can be applied wet. This makes the work easier and enables you to reach the most inaccessible areas. What's more, this material is particularly durable. The Victorian houses we can still admire today are proof of this.

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The final result after painting is very unsightly when the surface is not smooth. What’s more, the paint may flake off more quickly in this case. Only correct application will ensure a long-lasting, visually pleasing finish. To achieve this, a number of rules must be observed and specific techniques applied.

It’s also important to take certain precautions to avoid damaging existing installations. That’s why we think it’s always a good idea to entrust these tasks to a professional. He has the qualifications and skills required to do the job properly.

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