Joint pulling and plastering in Drummondville

Do you live in Drummondville or the surrounding area? Are you looking for a service provider for work on your home? At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we offer plastering and acrylic coating services for your buildings.

Who we are

At Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur, we're much more than a construction company. We specialize in plastering and acrylic coating. Over the years, we have built our reputation in the residential and commercial sectors in Canada.
Our company was founded in 1987 by Pierre Gosselin. A native of the beautiful Beauce region, Mr. Gosselin embodied efficiency and quality in customer service. Under his leadership, the brand has flourished. Major projects have been completed with a stable, experienced team. In July 2020, it was the turn of his children, Virginie and Vincent Gosselin, to take over the reins of the flourishing company, which now boasts a team of over 40 employees. Youth and vitality drive the values of Pierre Gosselin Jointoyeur. Our dynamic company attaches the utmost importance to the well-being of its team. Every employee finds the right balance between work and personal life, as well as professional fulfillment. Our mission is clear: to deliver quality work that fully satisfies our customers' needs and expectations. These commitments are based on the fundamental values of customer satisfaction, know-how, interpersonal skills and a strong team spirit.

What services do we offer?

Our company stands out for its outstanding achievements in acrylic plastering and plastering. We offer both aesthetic and functional solutions to our customers. These may be individuals or businesses living in Drummondville.

Acrylic coatings are one of our specialties. This exterior cladding enhances the aesthetics of a property. It also provides effective insulation and contributes to significant energy savings. Thanks to our expertise, customers have benefited from hard-wearing, aesthetically appealing exterior cladding. These achievements have not only embellished properties, but also offered their owners sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

At the same time, our plastering projects have made their mark in terms of quality and expertise. Plastering is a key element in interior finishing. This process is carried out with meticulous precision. It provides smooth, impeccable surfaces. Whether for residential or commercial projects, our team brings its expertise and know-how to every step of the process. This guarantees end results that live up to the most exacting expectations.

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We are committed to quality

Our services reflect our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality solutions for our customers. Each project was carried out with rigor, expertise and attention to detail. This makes us the partner of choice for any construction or renovation project.